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Monte Cristo Dog, Sonoran Dog, Chorizo Dog, LA Dog, Reindeer Dogs, Mac and Cheese Dog
Anchorage Hotdogs

The Hawaiian

Beef Polish Sausage hotdog, topped with sweet and tangy sautéed onions, a mouth-watering mixture of sautéed ham and crispy bacon bits, juicy pineapple, and a drizzle of rich and tangy BBQ sauce. Grilled to perfection, the savory sausage offers a satisfying base to the sweet and salty toppings. The onions add a deliciously tangy flavor while the ham and bacon bits bring a smoky and salty kick. The sweet and juicy pineapple provides a refreshing burst of tropical flavor that perfectly balances out the savory meatiness, while the BBQ sauce brings all the flavors together in perfect harmony. Don't miss out on this ultimate taste sensation that will leave you feeling fully satisfied!


• Sweet

• Tangy

Alaska Hotdogs


• Bold

• Flavorful

Anchorage Hotdogs


Our Beef Polish Hotdog with Spicy Asian Coleslaw, Fresh Jalapenos, and Sriracha Mayo is the perfect choice for those seeking bold and exotic flavors. The juicy beef Polish sausage is topped with crunchy and zesty Asian coleslaw that provides a burst of flavor with every bite.

Fresh jalapenos add a fiery kick that complements the savory sausage, and a drizzle of creamy Sriracha mayo brings a perfect balance of creaminess and tang. This hotdog is a must-try for anyone looking for a flavor explosion! So come and experience this unforgettable combination of flavors that will leave you craving for more.


• Spicy

• Bold

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Vegetarian Sausage

Our vegetarian sausage is a true masterpiece that is sure to satisfy even the most discerning palate. Made with high-quality plant-based ingredients, this sausage has a deliciously savory flavor and a satisfyingly juicy texture.

Buffalo Sausage 

Our buffalo sausage is a true delight for meat lovers who crave bold and robust flavors. Made with premium-quality buffalo meat, this sausage has a unique and rich taste that is both savory and slightly sweet.

Reindeer Polish (MILD)  

Our mild reindeer sausage is a true delicacy that combines a rich, savory flavor with a tender and juicy texture. Made from premium-quality reindeer meat, this sausage has a unique and distinctive taste that is both deliciously mild and satisfying.

All Beef or Chicken Sausage 

Our 100% beef or chicken sausage is a classic and satisfying choice that's sure to please every palate. Made with premium-quality beef or chicken and without any fillers, this sausage has a savory and juicy flavor that's hard to resist. 

Sausage Options

What Our Fans Say

“Best hotdog and fries I’ve had in a long time..I’m from NC and will have to say the Alaskan reindeer dog (added sauerkraut) and garlic seasoned fries were definitely something to write home about! Would definitely eat there again!”

Kierra Mikell - Google Review

“Great little place for hot dog fans. Staff was super courteous and friendly and very helpful explaining all the food options. Portions are LARGE and will fill you up. The garlic fries are great, as are the smoky barbecue. And they mean spicy when they say spicy. Definitely worth a visit and repeat business.”

Brad Fuerst - Google Review

"Love the reindeer hot dog! Their sauce is amazing."

Chieh-Ting Chuang - Google Review

Anchorage Hotdogs

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Our innovative technology leverages the secret power of plants to produce milk protein alternative without the downside of factory farming, lactose, hormones or antibiotics.

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